Is it because we’re missing the daily commute?

Where were you the last time you had a ‘lightbulb’ moment?…

You know the ones. That amazing idea or solution to a long-standing problem that pops into your head when you least expect it.

You might have been in the shower…perhaps mowing the lawn… or cooking dinner… Maybe you should have been listening to someone or something important but zoned out due to the magnitude of the idea that suddenly hit you, like the apple falling on the head of Newton.

We’ve all been there. And that’s the beauty of an ‘aha moment’.

We’re all capable of those ‘aha moments’…

Why the ability to think creatively is not just beneficial for sales teams, it’s essential.

Remote selling is now a way of life for most sales organisations with 9/10 Sales Leaders believing that remote selling will remain, even when we can return to regular face to face meetings. [i]

Why? Well remote selling brings key benefits for suppliers and buyers, not just in the time/money saved from not travelling to a meeting, but also in the opportunity it creates to bring multiple attendees from various locations together for a more insightful, collaborative discussion, whenever you want.

In the past marketing or category tended to attend meetings purely to present a new launch or a strategic…

It’s about commitment. It’s about accountability

What Jonny Wilkinson, John F Kennedy and Google all have in common … And why writing down your goals makes all the difference

Have you ever been asked to ‘visualise your goals’?

There’s more to it than you might think….

Take the former England rugby star Jonny Wilkinson, Google and President John F Kennedy, all three have used goal visualisation to incredible effect.

It was Jonny’s incredible last-minute drop goal that won England the 2003 Rugby World Cup in Australia.

Did you know that Jonny had seen that drop goal sail between those very Sydney posts many, many times before it actually happened?

“If you have realistically imagined situations, you feel better prepared and less fearful of the unexpected,” he said in his autobiography.

“It helps your body to get used to…

Dynamic Reasoning

Helping Consumer Goods companies develop stronger, differentiated consumer and shopper strategies | Because how we think = a competitive advantage

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